About Us

Android customization is one of the highly preferred Android tasks that allows Android users to access another dimension of stock Android smartphones. We understood the importance of Android customization after doing numerous researches and decided to create our supersuroot.org website to help the number of Android users who roam here and there without good guidance and knowledge. We are happy to inform that our effort is fruitful and we have become a more reliable and useful resource as of now. Now, we have solid visitors base and we constantly try to provide the latest technical information and strengthen them with the latest technical knowledge. We have highly-skilled, enthusiastic and tech-savvy writers to provide latest technical stuff in a simple, useful and comprehensive manner. That is why we are recognized as an outstanding and well-trusted publisher in the industry.

Our mission is to provide the most reliable and accurate information at the right time and make Android users comfortable at any effort that they put on their Android smartphones. In general, the site includes standard features, installation instructions, versions, and downloads of the SuperSu application. In addition to general information, users may find additional information when new version or update to the current version is available

Since our presence on World-Wide-Web, we worked dedicatedly and hope to increase the dedication than it used to be. Because more reliable, accurate and up-to-date information is more precious than any other thing in this digital era. The harder we work, the greater you are served which we always try to achieve. We want to make you tech-expert and give you the chance to compete with the new technology trends without being aside looking at them with defeatism.