Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of all our users and we think they have the right to get know what kind of data collected while they are using our site and why they are collected. Our privacy policy very simple and no hidden conditions as our prime goal is to provide the latest technical stuff that is crucial on Android modding. Our privacy policy is subject to change occasionally due to legal and timely needs and you can check this page to get to know recent updates. You agree with our policy and the terms of using yourself at the very first moment you visit our site.

The privacy policy relates to hereinafter referred to as the site and the site may be referred to as "We, Us, Our, Ourselves and/or  and the user is always referred to "You” and “Your”. In case, you feel doubt or suspicious regarding the process of personal data collection and processing or if you need to report a security bug or violation,  please contact us.

How Do We Collect Information From You

We are focused on providing the latest technical stuff to  Android enthusiasts and we need to determine the frequency of site usage and the number of visitors to the site. So, basically, we analyze the visiting frequency and number of visitors to make necessary improvements on the site. We do not collect any sensitive data from you and no need to provide any of them anyway.

What Kind Of Data Do We Collect

Once you visit our site, we collect data regarding your behavior on our site, spend time, downloads, type of device you use, date/time stamps for your visit, your browser type, Internet Protocol (IP) address, and Operating system. All the mentioned data stored in Log files and protected using higher security parameters. Each data has its own value for the site but in general, we use the collection for the following purposes.

  • Improve and update our site in both information and appearance
  • To determine if the site is serving better and achieving the site goal
  • Advertising purposes
  • To Identify users need  and decide the possible user-specific features
  • To identify the current defects in our site and deduce the possible future defects


Cookies are very important for both our site and our users. A cookie file is a small piece of a file and our site send a relevant type of a cookie file when a user loads the site and use the site. It helps users to get back to the site faster than their first visit and surf the site smoother than before. Also, we use cookies files for advertising purposes as we can use them to show the most relevant advertisements to our users. Our site has been configured using applicable types of cookies files and may contain cookies files from third-parties occasionally. The third-party cookies are not covered under this policy and you need to refer respective site's policy in this regard. Though you have full authority to disable cookies using your browser "Settings", we cannot recommend it ourselves as it directly affects the site functions

Embedded content

We use embedded content occasionally in order to provide clearer and more useful information. The embedded content may navigate you to third-party sources and may store third-party cookies in your browser. As third-party sources are out of our control, we cannot cover you under our privacy policy


Our advertising partners may set cookies in your browser and the same cookies may be used by several parties to show advertisements that they believe you would be interested in. We are not responsible for this mechanism as the whole mechanism is an interconnected process.

Data Sending, Sharing and Protecting

We send and share the data we collect to Google and its partners, our advertising partners and legal parties when needed. We strictly refuse to provide data to a third-party if they cannot clearly mention the intention of requiring data. Since data protection is crucial for both site and the user, we update our site regularly and keep the all password-protected to avoid third-party access

Your Consent

You inevitable accept our privacy policy by using the site and you can avoid using the site if you feel the policy does not fit you. Also, if you need to get to know what data collected upon your visit on our site, you can make a request and have all the collected data. Contact us via  for further clarification